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Amber Lighting for Public Works, Tow Trucks, Security Vehicles and More



At Vineland Auto Electric we do not just focus on first responders. We understand the need for all workers to be safe when they are working in busy streets. This is why we offer a full line of Amber Safety Lighting including full LED or strobe light bars, beacons, mini bars, or directional signals from Code 3, Whelen, Weldon, Federal signal, Julian McDermott, and Truck-Lite, for public works, utility trucks, snow plows, security vehicles, service vehicles, tow trucks and roll-backs. We can provide a full line of Scene Lighting equipment that will help make those late night call out go quicker. We offer specialized scene lighting from Will-Burt, Havis, and Kwi-Raze. Please take a few moments to look at our photo galleries and manufacturer product catalogs, then contact us for a quote on your next project.

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